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Enter Here


To truly enter the mysteries, first cleanse then fortify the vessel. Wtf does this mean? Cleansing begins with the act of heightened observation and it begins in the mind. No worries, cleanse the mind first, the body will follow.

Listen, now, carefully, for what I am about to tell you will reveal many of the foundations of the lesser mysteries. Begin the journey of self mastery by intensely observing your thoughts and feelings. For many of these, if not most, if not all, are not your own. This is the first secret. And if we do not know which thoughts are our own, and which are brought upon us from outside agency, one will surely get lost or go mad if venturing too far in the Mystery Disciplines.

Keep in mind, the composite nature of the human. You have been taught that only One occupies the vessel. But ask yourself, does the vessel itself not have its own level of intelligence? Can you really say you understand how your body works? Likely, no. So why then do you believe that this One you call “I” or “me” is the only one who knows the operations of the mind? The alchemical symbols of night and day represent your awareness of this.

Become diligent, Seeker. Listen to your thoughts as you would listen to the plot points of an excellent thriller. The Delphic Maxim “Know Thyself” has a deeper meaning than may first appear.



Inner Sun


We begin with the lesser mysteries. By first learning of the composite nature of man, we decode the texts of the mystery schools. From the symbolic language of the Antediluvians to the prose of the intellectual mystics, we find all lead to the same unavoidable truth.

Life, as we know it, is not as it appears.