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The Sages Know


As seekers and sages, it is foundational to consider the nature of matter.

As referenced in many ancient texts, we might think of matter as a mirror. That is, as an actual mirror. This is not a metaphor.

What this implies is that any attempt we make to change matter itself (in order to get a different outcome, for example) would be like trying to alter a reflection to change that which is being reflected. It also implies that matter itself never changes, regardless of what it is reflecting. Does a mirror change in any way depending on whether it is reflecting the interior of a simple room or the lush depths of a jungle? No. The mirror is the same, only that which appears inside of it changes. Therefore, in any operation in which we seek to alter aspects in the physical world, it is fruitless to try and change matter itself, or even that which appears in it which, conventionally, we think of as matter.

There is another aspect to what is going on that remains unseen if we continue facing the mirror, thinking the apparitions we see in it contain the sum of what truly exists…

…for those with eyes to see..


For more on this see Plotinus’ Third Ennead: Sixth Tractate: Section 9-19 at sacred-texts.com